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Stand up for Marbled Murelet

The amazing Marbled Murrelet needs our help. This small seabird, which nests on the moss-covered braches of old-growth trees along the pacific coast, was just uplisted to endangered status in Washington State due to a severe population decline. The murrelet is of conservation concern throughout the Pacific Northwest, as it is also listed as a state threatened species in Oregon.

A new conservation plan is now being considered to protect Marbled Murrelet habitat on Washington State lands; let your voice be heard in support of the murrelet. Washington State has analyzed six alternatives in the conservation plan, but these were developed before the murrelet was declared endangered in the state, and none go far enough to conserve the species.

Please act now to tell the Washington State Department of Natural Resources you support stronger protections for the declining Marbled Murrelet. The March 9th deadline for submission of comments on the conservation plan is fast approaching, so voice your support today. Thank you.