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Invasive Plant Species on the Sunshine Coast

We are happy to announce that after more than a year of hard work, the PHWS Invasive Plant Species project is complete. The goal of the project was to print a poster with 12 invasive plant species to distribute up and down the coast. The full colour poster has one photo of each of the 12 plants with their common and latin names. It also has a link to our website where information on how to remove and properly dispose of the invasive plants can be found. For each species, we also provide suggestions for alternative plants.
In celebration of the final stage of this project and the release of the poster, we have invited Don Hare, Executive Director of the Coastal Invasive Species Committee to speak on May 15th, 2018, at 7pm at the Pender Harbour Secondary School on Hwy 101.
Thank you to Suzan Essiembre for spearheading and managing this project. She has spent many hours, days and months applying for grants, researching invasive species, creating the posters and all the information on the website.

Thank you to Ryan Logtenberg for putting all the project information and pictures on the Pender Harbour Wildlife Society website, and a big thank you to Lee Ann Ennis and John Field for their expertise and insight on invasive plants.

We wish to thank the District of Sechelt – Community Investment Program for their financial contribution of $1,000 towards the project. The Pender Harbour Wildlife Society also contributed $250 to this project.